We at Hill and Nassar Farms sell only fresh, new crop pecans from early November to just before Christmas each year because that is when pecans are in season and being harvested. We never sell refrigerated pecans held over time from last season.

We sell:

In-shell pecans
Cracked pecans
Shelled pecans
Pecan Gift Tins-includes chocolate covered, spiced and fresh roasted pecans

We sell two main varieties.  Desirable pecans, which are the large premium-grade pecans, and Stuart pecans, along with a blend of others for a less expensive pecan. We can ship your pecans whole in the shell, cracked and blown or run through our shelling machine which removes most of the shells and reduces the weight of shipping and cost. We can also offer totally shelled pecans with no hulls.

The best deal is to let us run your pecans through our shelling machine after cracking them and you pick out the few remaining shells.

We also offer cracking, blowing and shelling of your pecans and custom orchard harvesting in North Mississippi and nearby areas.
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